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My Story

In my early years I have always had an interest in health and beauty. I ran my own beauty business for nearly 20 years. For years I skipped meals, ate on the go due to being a busy working mum. I then began to suffer with my own health concerns. Suffering with chronic migraines, fatigue and low energy levels made me look at my own lifestyle and poor diet and how it was having an impact on my overall health. When entering the perimenopause, my symptoms became worse. I was unable to cope with work pressures and family life and my migraines became more frequent. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I started to realise that beauty is not just looking after yourself on the outside but more importantly, I should be more mindful of what is going on inside my body. 

By incorporating the right nutrition I began to notice how my health started to improve.  The lifestyle changes that I had applied began to have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. I felt like me again and I wanted to become the best version of me and not feel like the perimenopause is a bad stage of my life. I used all my knowledge and training from my nutrition degree and applied it to practice. The power of food is amazing how well it can make you feel when your body is receiving the best nutrition. Having a positive outlook really encouraged me to embrace this stage of my life.

I am passionate about empowering women to regain their health and freedom to start to enjoy their life again. The menopause can be a debilitating time for some women suffering with the symptoms that occur when entering the menopause stage. For many women physical and emotional changes that occur can be overwhelming, leaving women feeling misunderstood and isolated. I can offer the support and guidance to help you maintain your health and relieve your symptoms to give you back the confidence to enjoy this stage of your life. You can feel the best version of yourself again. You’re not alone through this journey.  

Claire Bailey BSc (Hons)

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