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Nutrition & Coaching Packages

Do you find yourself feeling stressed and unable to cope with the changes that are occurring in your body and don’t understanding why?


Are you craving sugary foods, suffering with
headaches, difficulty in sleeping, gaining weight, feeling depressed? Menopause can be a debilitating time for a women and can leave you feel isolated and misunderstood.

What if I told you, you don’t need to keep suffering?

I offer a range of nutrition & coaching packages depending on the level of support you require to help you achieve your health goals.

I believe that with the right tools and information women can manage their menopause free from discomfort and regain their energy. You can become the best version of yourself again.

Why not start now and embrace this stage of your life. I would love to help.

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Entry Level

8 weeks £245

The entry level is designed for women who already have the mindset and are ready to take action with their health and wellness goals but require a little extra support.


This package offers you the essential tools to kick start your health journey during the peri menopause whilst helping you regain your energy levels.

Nutritional Cooking

Signature Package

10 weeks £450

This package offers fortnightly contact and is ideal for women who required more support than the entry level. You will delve deeper into understanding your old eating and lifestyle habits and how this is impacting your health.


This package offers lifestyle & nutrition support to enable you to reach your health goals and keeps you accountable.
You’re not alone during your menopause journey.

Chia Pudding

VIP Package

12 weeks £995

If you're fully invested then this package is for you. It offers the highest level of support for those who are suffering with more complex health and lifestyle issues. With weekly support it will encourage you to stay on track and you will gain a thorough understanding of your body and how your nutrition choices can influence your health. It offers a DUTCH test which can help identify the root causes of hormone imbalance and provide insights into the menopause. You can start to live a healthier and happier life.

Diet Plan

Hair Mineral Testing


Hair Mineral Testing is a good health marker test. The test requires using a hair sample that indicates your body’s mineral levels and any toxins that can be causing a mineral/vitamin deficiency. Your hair absorbs chemicals from the food we eat, medications, and environmental toxins. Heavy metals such as mercury and lead can have an negative impact on your overall health. This simple test is non-invasive and an efficient way to test for deficiencies. We provide a detailed and comprehensive report where we create a unique nutrition plan that may include some supplements to improve your nutritional status and fulfil your energy levels

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Functional Testing

Price dependent on what test may be advised

Functional testing may be advised to determine any hormonal imbalances, toxicity, immune function such as food sensitivity or any food intolerance, gastrointestinal function such as IBS, IBD, gut microbiome, and any nutrient deficiencies within the body. Nordic laboratories offer the highest quality, most reliable clinical tests to assist your health issues by using a stool, urine, salvia or blood sample. These tests will give a clearer understanding of any health issues that are contributing to your health concerns. With the aid of these tests it will give a detailed analysis of any underlying health issues that we can address by creating a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan that can improve your symptoms and work towards recovery. 

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